Slimalicious Chocolate Weight Loss Smoothie

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What if you could lose weight easily without interrupting your life?


Our Premier weight management product takes a 3-pronged approach to Full Power Weight Control!

The result is radical relief from difficult, life-interrupting diets, discouragement, and defeat!

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about Slimalicious:    IT WORKS!

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Product Description


Slimalicious(TM) is a FULL POWER Weight Loss Smoothie that was designed to help “Get Your Curves back!(TM)”

Imagine losing weight while feeling terrific and balanced. Imagine actually getting results by simply adding a shake rich with nutrition to your daily plan. Slimalicious is an easy and effective weight loss system. Why not have some fun while losing weight?

Slimalicious contains multiple proprietary blends, plus secret weight loss ingredients, which work together to help you lose weight and burn fat without the struggle and crash effect of typical dieting. Slimalicious is more than just a delicious weight management smoothie – it is a well balanced nutritious meal replacement or snack.

Slimalicious includes the following proprietary blends:

  • Fiber Blend.
  • Thermogenic Blend.
  • Vitamin Blend.
  • Mineral Blend.
  • Appetite Suppression Blend.
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend.
  • Probiotic Blend.

Plus MORE!


These blends work synergystically to empower your body to burn fat, shed unwanted pounds and give you an overall feeling of health and wellbeing.* The genius of combining these proprietary blends help to support  you to maximize your weight loss results in a safe, effective, and healthy way.*

Slimalicious(TM)also contains revolutionary ingredients including an appetite suppressing ingredient with double-blind clinical studies that prove that it is safe and effective for fat burning while curbing the appetite and cravings.* It is considered a “famine food” in India to help stave off hunger. It has been included among many other fat burning and appetite curbing ingredients that work together in Slimalicious(TM) to help give people a sensation of fullness.

One serving of Slimalicious(TM) Skinny Powder is just 105 calories when mixed in water.


When you mix up a Slimalicious shake, you will find a smooth, creamy, delicious beverage that has no after taste, with no powdery “chunks”, unlike many protein shakes on the market. This unique Slimalicious(TM) shake is simply the greatest tasting Chocolate Weight Loss Smoothie on the market!

Slimalicious(TM) is sweetened naturally with Stevia and tastes delicious!

THIS is FULL POWER Weight Loss at it’s BEST!

Slimalicious is our first of many cutting-edge, life-enhancing brands to come from Above & Beyond and it’s already changing lives!