You can earn money multiple ways with ABOVE & Beyond:

  • Retail Profits – Get Customers.
  • Fast Start Commissions – Get Business Partners.
  • Residual Monthly Overrides – Build Marketing Teams.
  • Corporate Override Volume Pools – Promote Leaders.
  • Tri-level Check Match – Additional Leadership Bonuses.

And this is PHASE ONE of the CYG2 Compensation Model.

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Get Customers.

Earn Retail Profits by sharing Slimalicious

Sponsor Partners.

Fast Start Commissions


Build Marketing Teams.

Binary Cycle Residual Commissions

Promote Leaders.

Leadership Advancements



There is a 3 step process we recommend for all new Independent Partners:

1) Become a Product of the Product.

You must experience the profound impact of Full Power Weight Loss(tm) and Full Power Nutrition(tm.) We suggest all partners get on the product and become a “walking billboard” for the product’s benefits. This will CONNECT you to the product.

2) Become a Product of the Business.

We encourage all partners to SHARE their story and ABOVE & Beyond products with people they know, and start getting PAID for referring these products to others and building a business.

3) Become a Product of Leadership.

Once you have started building a powerful ABOVE & Beyond business, then you can start getting promoted to the Leadership positions on the CYG2 Compensation plan, and start helping others on your team achieve the promotion levels as well.